Pangina Heals : Co-host Drag Race Thailand


If you’re a part of Bangkok’s gay community, you know Pangina Heals. Her job? She’s “a fucking drag queen, ka.” She is the host at both Maggie Choo’s Sunday Gay night and G-Spot Theme Party first Saturday of every month at Vertigo TOO, and co-hosts Line TV’s Drag Race.

I was 15 when I realized that I was gay. Growing up I faced a lot of bullying because I was feminine and fat. Kids don’t know the danger of bullying. Some kids want to commit suicide because of it. All of that made me strong.


When I came out to my parents, at 18, they said, “Just don’t change back and forth, it’s confusing.” They were very, very accepting.

In 2011, 98 FM Pynk Radio had a Lady Gaga competition. Dress up like her and win a trip to New York, all expenses paid. I entered and I won. I went there and dressed up. It was like every day was Halloween. It was fun and I never looked back.

I think Thai society is one of the best societies in the world in terms of LGBT acceptance. People can go outside, go anywhere. With that being said, the marriage equality laws are still not as open as our social attitude.

Drag is an art. Most people confuse the terms “drag” and “drag queens.” Drag is something that anyone can do, regardless of what gender you are. It’s a creative act. But the term drag queen usually means gay men—or straight men—dressing up as women. There is also the term drag king, when women dress up as men. All drag queens are diamonds, all of them beautiful and different in their own unique way.

The drag scene in Thailand is growing so much because of the individuals like Jhai Sira. These people raise awareness about drag queens. They make people see that it’s nothing about gender—it’s about entertainment and creating expression or art.

The worst thing that ever happened to me on stage was when my wig fell off half way through a performance. Oh, no, actually, I tore my thigh ligament once. I could literally hear it snap. It was during a performance for the “Die Another Day” song by Madonna—what a coincidence.

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Source: BK Magaine

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