Even though the male body is no longer explored as it used to be by magazines around the world, in Asia it is still possible to find several of these publications, many of them only in an online version (E-books), which also feature behind-the-scenes videos. If Japan is known for the porn industry, Thailand gains an advantage in photo shoots, with almost 50 magazines focused only on male beauty in the last 10 years. Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, some of these publications are stalled, but it is worth checking out.

Here, we offer Twitter and Instagram accounts for publications. There, you will find links to purchase magazines online. Most of them are available in Pubu and DeerAndBook, in the tabs of LGBT publications.


Labour BKK is a magazine / photobook produced in Thailand, focusing on the sensuality of straight and gay men in Asia. Some of the shootings have frontal nudity, while others are not so explicit, yet capable of arousing the readers’ desire and fetish.

IG: @labour.bkk
Twitter: bkklabour
Line: @labourbangkok

Labour BKK


BlueMen is a magazine made in Taiwan and we all already know the fame of Taiwanese boys: cute, charming and sexy. BlueMen is a favorite for those who like twinks, the youngest boys, looking innocent.

Website: https://photoblue0.blogspot.com/



Adult Magazine is famous for solo, double or group trials of Southeast Asian models. Recent figures include boys from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, as well as Thais. When you buy the magazine, you still get behind-the-scenes or soft porn videos with the models in the edition.

Twitter: @MagazineAdult
IG: @Adultmag
Line: AdultGroup

Adult Magazine


The SkiinMode studio, based in Bangkok, has a unique style in its photographs, mostly inspired by Asian culture. Their models are characterized as samurai, fighters, mythological figures and anime characters. With its work recognized worldwide, the studio has two magazines: Xperiment and Kora.

IG: @skiinmode_official
Twitter: @dark_skiinmode



The Thai magazine Awesome has been known for transforming its sensual photoshootings into true fashion editorials, with shorts, T-shirts and underwears that have become a trend among cool gay boys. The rehearsals have no explicit nudity, but they are nonetheless delicious, with Asian men who seem to have left the catwalks of fashion shows.

Twitter: @awesomemenbkk
IG: @awesomemen.bkk

Awesome Magazine


The Chinese studio DaoXq feeds the fetish of those who love muscular Asians. In the tasteful photos, which also explore cultural elements of China, you will probably meet some hot boy you ran into at the last circuit festival.

Twitter: daoxq_studio




Brothers became known in the market for presenting Asian twinks models in paradisiacal settings, such as beaches in southern Thailand and luxurious resorts, in very bold photos. The magazine has not launched a new edition since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, but editions can be purchased through the DeerAndBook E-book website/app on the LGBT tab.

Facebook: Brothers Magazine
Buy: DeerAndBook app



Onyx is perhaps the most daring publication on this list, with several “indiscreet” clicks from the models, many of them jerking off and cuming in the last photos. In some editions, when you buy the magazine you also get a behind-the-scenes video of the rehearsals. Many of the faces on the covers are dear to the Thai public.

Twitter: @MagazineOnyx
IG: @magazine_onyx




Wake Up Magazine / Shoot is also a favorite among Asian audiences and has been known to photograph boys who work in Bangkok’s gay night clubs. In the photos, they appear in intimate moments in hotel rooms, such as waking up in bed or taking a hot bath.

Twitter: @Wakeupmagazine1
IG: @wakeupmagazine.shoot
Line: Wakeupmagazine

Wake Up/ Shoot



The directors of Hunger Homme Magazine like to play with games of light and shadows in the photos. There is also a certain mystery when hiding models behind curtains, windows or dressing them in tiny, transparent underpants, but never showing too much, further increasing the desire.

IG: @hunger.mag
Facebook: hungermag

Hunger Homme


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