5 LGBT documentaries to watch on Netflix


Since we are on the Pride Month, GSpot selected five LGBT themed documentaries that can be found easily in the Netflix catalog. Share with friends and tell us which one is your favourite. Let’s get to know real stories and celebrate diversity!



We start our list with the newest one. On the Pride Month, Netflix just launched the production DISCLOSURE, a documentary that deals with trans representativeness in cinema and television, bringing some actors and actresses to report personal experiences in the artistic world. For decades, trans people have been portrayed in a stereotyped way in cinema and on TV. The documentary DISCLOSURE investigates the impact of this representation on the trans community. Through the eyes and reports of people like Laverne Cox (“Orange is the new black”), Lilly Wachowski, Yance Ford, Jamie Clayton (“Sense8”) and Chaz Bono. DISCLOSURE also leads us to reflect on the changes and advances that are part of it.

Source: Netflix Film Club

The trailer shows scenes from films and series from the streaming service with transgender characters, from old productions to current ones, such as ‘Glee’, ‘Sense8’ and ‘Orange Is The New Black’. In production, trans actors and actresses show their perspectives on the importance of representation on screens and in the media, despite the fear of judgments. “The more positive representations there are, the more confident the community will feel, which puts us in more danger,” says Jamie Clayton.


In this documentary, we have followed the evolution of the LGBT society in Los Angeles over the past few decades through the real history of a gay porn store and producer led by a sympathetic Jewish couple.

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The production features testimonials from celebrities like drag queen Alaska Thuderfuck and porn actor Jeff Stryker. A true lesson of love, respect and family. Prepare the wipes and tears.


Created and filmed entirely by filmmaker Hao Wu, the documentary tells his own life, but not in an exactly biographical way. The movie is about a man who comes from a traditional Chinese family and finds himself gay. It’s about the acceptance process your Chinese family went through.

Source: Netflix

In addition, Hao now decides to build his own family with Eric, his husband. However, as his family is still very rigid and prejudiced, his own parents do not want him to realize this dream, even though he has already accepted the fact that he is homosexual.


Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel are two 90 years old ladies who in the first scene of the documentary treat each other like cousins. However, as soon as Chris Bolan’s film will reveal, they are much more than that. For almost 70 years, in fact, they have been a lesbian couple in the middle of the United States. It goes without saying much about the challenges they faced.

Source: Netflix

In the 1940s, when they first met, homosexuality was more than a taboo. For some, it was a crime. There was an aura of heavy prohibition. So when the two met, they began to live this romance hidden. But it worked. And the love endured.


Marsha P. Johnson was a transsexual woman, LGBTI + human rights activist, founder of the Street Transvestites Action Revolutionaries group and played a key role in the Stonewall’s Revolution, in New York, the first LGBTI + revolt against police repression and gave rise to the Gay Pride parade.

Source: Netflix

This documentary talks about the life and, mainly, about the death of Marsha. In 1992, she was found dead on the Hudson River, and official records say the cause was suicide. However, the film’s narrative shows that – perhaps – things did not happen – and this is not new – as they appear in the official records.


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