LGBT Movie tip: Love Next Door 2


Thailand is known for its relaxed comedies and for being free in addressing issues of sexual diversity in its films. Searching the Netflix catalog, it is possible to find the fun production Love Next Door 2. The story deals with love, friendship, a few hints of sex and the challenge of young people looking for their first job or finding a place in the thai society.

In the beautiful cast, we highlight the sexy actors Arm Rattapon, Angkul Jeennukul and Preamwiss Tadachaiyosit. The story begins when Kao decides not to have sex for 30 days according to a fortuneteller’s advice but Nut, his co-worker, asks to sleep on his place for a while. Sometimes Nut sleeps in his underwear driving Kao out of control but the more he tries to control, the worse he falls for Nut. The scenes in the bedroom are cute and sexy at the same time.


In a restaurant where Kao and Nut work for, there are 2 trans women customers, Tangkwa and Bua, having a crush on Kao at the same time so they fight with each other just to win Kao. They are willing to risk losing their long friendship for a waiter they just met. Meanwhile, a gay guy who comes from Chiang Mai to lives in Bangkok start his swimming classes with a sexy instructor. It is worth watching and having a laugh.

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