LGBT Movie tip: SUK SUK (ซุกที่เขา สุขที่ใจ)



SUK SUK is a quiet portrayal of a gay relationship between two men in their twilight years. PAK, 70, a married taxi driver who refuses to retire meets HOI 65, a retired single father. Although both are secretly gay, they are proud of the families they have created through hard work and hardship over the years. HOI is a member of the Mature Tongzhi Society, a social group, which caters for gay men who are over 60. The group is planning to attend a public forum to request the government to create senior citizen homes dedicated exclusively for gay people. However, due to the fact that most men in the group are in the closet, there is no one who is willing to voice their opinions in the public forum.

HOI supports the notion of a gay senior citizen home and considers speaking in the public forum. However when HOI begins to wonder whether his son WAN suspect he is gay, his attitude shifts. As PAK and HOI fall in love they contemplate a possible future together. SUK SUK studies the subtle day-to-day moments of the two men as they struggle between conventional morals and their personal desires.


Suk Suk had its world premiere at the 24th Busan International Film Festival on 4 October 2019.


At the Hong Kong Film Critics Society AwardsSuk Suk was awarded:

  • Best Film
  • Best Actor (Tai Bo)

At the Golden Horse Awards Taipei, Taiwan, Suk Suk was nominated for:

  • Best Original Screenplay (Ray Yeung)
  • Best Feature Film
  • Best Leading Actor (Tai Bo)
  • Best Leading Actor (Ben Yuen)
  • Best Supporting Actress (Patra Au)

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