Transgender Model “Mimi Tao” new brand ambassador for Together Band


Mimi Tao appointed a Goal 10 brand ambassador for #TogetherBand, an organization that creates colorful bracelets that coincide with the 17 Global Goals (SDGs). Tao has used her platform to raise awareness for transgender and other humanitarian causes. Explore Sustainable Development Goal 10 – Reduced Inequalities.

Which Goal 10 aims to eradicate poverty and reduce inequalities and exclusion across over 170 countries around the world.What they do: The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the UN’s global development network, advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources that help people build a better life. UNDP has a critical role in developing the agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals across the world. But we can work together to reduce these disparities. 


In part of the LGBTQ+ community still faces considerable stigma based on over a century of being misunderstood. With still no comprehensive non-discrimination law including gender identity, they experience substantial employment and job retention challenges. Covid-19 has deepened these existing inequalities and many others, hitting the poorest and most vulnerable communities the hardest.

“As a trans model, I found challenges finding employment in the fashion industry, and sometimes being shunned from society, I am proud to say that I am TRANSGENDER and PROUD, LGBTQ’s power. And I’m so honored to be one of this social movement.






Thank you very very much to those who have supported me along the way including my mother who is so proud of me for who I am now. 

Thank you very much everyone who has the same goal with me and my friends I’d love to share the goal with” she said.


About #TogetherBand

#TOGETHERBAND is brought to you by the British luxury sustainable brand BOTTLETOP, co-founded by Cameron Saul and Oliver Wayman, and driven by COO Jonathan Lee with the diverse, talented team based in London. “We launched BOTTLETOP in 2002 with a mission to empower people and planet through sustainable design and creative culture. We now have our own atelier and training programs in Brazil and Nepal and continue to source the finest sustainable and upcycled materials in challenged parts of the world.”

The #TOGETHERBAND campaign is an extension of everything we have done over the years to engage people in development issues and sets out to put the power in the hands of the people.

We learned about the Global Goals from Amina J Mohammed, the UN Deputy Secretary General, in September 2015 when they were first announced. We realised that at BOTTLETOP, we directly addressed 12 of the 17 Goals through our work, so we immediately decided to throw our weight behind them and use our ‘tool kit’ of sustainable design and creative culture to share them with the world. #TOGETHERBAND aims to humanise the Goals and bring people into the conversation by asking everyone to choose the Global Goal that matters most to them personally.

To encourage people to make that choice, we designed the #TOGETHERBANDs – a set of ethically made and sustainably sourced friendship bands. Each of the bands is a different colour to represent each of the 17 Global Goals. By choosing your Goal and wearing your #TOGETHERBAND, it brings you closer to the issue that you are championing as both a reminder and a call to action.

We hope they will become a symbol of us all uniting to create a healthy planet. What’s really cool though, is that when you buy a band, you actually get two – one to wear, and one to share – so that you can give the other one to a friend and spread the message even further.

Beyond the bands themselves, we are producing a series of 17 documentary films to highlight extraordinary people on the front line who are advancing the Goals. We’re also inviting individuals from across the cultural spectrum – artists, musicians, actors, activists, sports-people and experts – to wear their bands with pride and help us to spread the word.

In addition, there will be exciting live events and panel discussions around the world as we dive into each of the subject areas that the Goals represent; looking at where we stand now, what progress is being made and how we can best achieve each Goal. We truly believe that if we all come together, we can achieve the Global Goals and build a healthy future for ourselves and future generations.

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