Company pays couples to have sex and test mattresses


If you are the ones who need to find ways to raise money during the Covid-19 Pandemic and are lucky enough to live with their partner, this is a great chance. Have you ever imagined receiving to have sex during a quarantine? And nobody needs to see or know that you did!

Sleep Standards, a company specializing in bedding products like mattresses and pillows, is recruiting couples willing to test mattresses. Especially about how the mattress can handle sex. The idea is to list the ranking of the 8 best sex mattresses currently on the market.


There will be five lucky couples selected to have sex in the quarantine. They are given a mattress each week to test for eight weeks. In addition to ensuring weekly attendance, candidates should be encouraged, as they test elasticity, noise and firmness, among other requirements.

In addition to being able to keep one of the mattresses tested, each couple hired to have sex in the quarantine will also receive US$ 3.000. And even the embarrassed have a turn, since it is possible to do everything anonymously. Unfortunately, a job offer is only for couples living in the United States. But maybe some company in Asia could do the same, right?

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