SO HUA HIN HOLIDAY: The Perfect Hua Hin Holiday


What is the perfect Hua Hin Holiday?

The perfect Hua Hin Holiday comprises of 3 things, a great relaxing hotel by the beach, amazing food, and fun friends. “SO SOFITEL HUA HIN“, answered this call.

We stayed at the “SO SOFITEL HUA HIN” and booked ourselves into the 1-bedroom So Pool Villa. We arrived to superb service with the valet greeting us at the car by name ready to take our bags, which were plenty. 

The front desk sat atop a sweeping marble staircase and just beyond was a water feature based on the “Gallerie de l’Evolution”, from the natural history museum in Paris. The hotel was designed by Award-winning Thai architect Duangrit Bunnag, who designed the property in to a set of mazes and open courtyards. Decorated with little sculptured features that were whimsical and also felt naturally tied to the landscape. The whole experience evokes the feeling of entering a storybook adventure, like you are stepping into Narnia or Wonderland. 

At this point, we knew we were in for a divine holiday.


The So Pool Villa was magnificent, a beautiful comfortable living room and tucked-in bedroom with all doors opening to the private pool. First things first, we popped ourselves over to the bar for cocktails and bubbles before heading over to the So Spa, to help us massage away the 2 hrs travel from Bangkok. Aun, who did all the driving, was in absolute bliss. Poor girl needed a treat and a treat she got. She was fragrant and so relaxed she practically glided back to the Pool Villa. Note to self, get the Oligomer Well Being 90 minutes massage (3,500thb).

We spent that afternoon lounging by the pool and by lounging I really mean we tried our best to stay atop the pink floating flamingo in our pool. The treacherous thing kept toppling over sending each attempt to conquer straight into the water. We napped in the sun lulled by Bell and Sabastine tunes then rolled into the water when it got a bit sticky. We were a symphony of lazy relaxing bodies.

At sunset, one can only think of one thing, sunset cocktails, and dinner.
We grabbed a couple of signature cocktails at Beach Society Bar, before tucking into dinner. I recommend the Shibuya Spritzer (290thb), and the Sicilian Spritzer (290). The St-Germain Spritzer was nice as well, as I’ve never had Chamomile liqueur. It was a spritzer kind of day. For appetizers, we had the Wing Bean and Shrimp Salad (250thb), something I’ve never had before. Wing Beans are this small crunchy little bit of green. It was covered in this savory, coconut creamy dressing tossed over grilled shrimp, fried onions, and shallots. We had a beautiful massaman curry that was not too sweet but very rich in flavors and yummy pineapple fried rice. We watched the sunset across the ocean and eventually retired to our own version of Netflix and Chill while floating in the pool.

The next morning we ordered a floating brunch which was brought in, on large floating wooden pallets. Those of us that could float on our backs lazied away with a croissant stuffed in our mouths, sun in our eyes, and water keeping us afloat. Those of us that couldn’t float, sat in the cabana cooling off and reading.

Lunch was an adventure to the famous Koti Thai Restaurant in downtown Hua Hin. 
The restaurant has been around for over 30 years. Usually, it is impossible to get a table, (as it always is with great local restaurants) however thanks to the pandemic we managed to get a great big table, which we promptly filled with delish local Thai food. We had the crispy Fried Grouper with Fried Ginger (500thb),  Spicy Coconut Soup (150thb) Stir-Fried Oysters Pancake (200thb), Scallops with Fingeroots, Chillies, Basil, and Lime Leaf (300thb), and Grilled Prawns in glass Noodles (400thb). Simply divine.

After lunch, we ventured to Top Secret Beach Cafe for some much needed caffeine fortification, as we had a tennis game booked back at the hotel for later that afternoon. Not that any of us knew how to play tennis but the So Hua Hin’s garden tennis looked very inviting, even for the novice like ourselves.  We lounged around Top Secrete Beach Cafe soaking up more sun and Instagram moments, waiting for the caffeine to kick in. We were very serious about being lazy and lounging as much as possible on our little holiday. 

We returned to So Hua Hin. We played a bit of tennis and eventually moved on to play a vicious game of bolls. We ended up spending the afternoon sitting in the garden next to the sculptured butterflies, just soaking in the minutes and hours of which we did absolutely nothing. There was a cute ice cream pavilion next to the butterfly garden, which was in perfect striking distance. Nothing better than ice cream, on a lazy beach holiday.

We spent our last night with dinner again at the Society Beach Bar, with sand between our toes. We had the caesar salad (240thb), the seafood mango salad (450thb),  the lobster capellini (980thb), the kurobata pork belly (350thb) which was excellent and the clam linguine(370thb). Truly felt like the perfect end of a perfect day.

The perfect Hua Hin Holiday came to a slow close the next day. 

We had brunch at the White Oven restaurant, and lazed by the pool till our late check out at 1pm. The wonderful valet showed up once again with a little golf cart for our bags and ourselves. He whisked us away to check out and packed us into our car. We left satisfied, and truly happy.  A perfect Hua Hin Holiday for us.

Entrance, So Sofitel Hua Hin
Photo Credit by Aroon Prasonchaikul

About So Sofitel Hua Hin:

To create a soulful hotel experience, SO Sofitel takes the essence of a destination, blends that with a generous dash of playfulness, heaps of audacity, and adds a zesty twist of French joie de vivre. “

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