Review: Lively afternoon with dogs, foxes, raccoon and kangaroo at Little Zoo Cafe


Doing a quick internet search, it is easy to find at least 8 cafes in Bangkok that offer dogs as attractions. While enjoying some drink, it is possible to caress and take selfies with these cute pets. If we look for cats, at least six more establishments. However, have you ever imagined being able to hug a raccoon, a fox or even a wallaby (the kangaroo’s smaller cousin)? For we have found that this is possible at The Little Zoo Café, located in On Nut, a few minutes from the center of Bangkok.

It’s no mystery that Asians are passionate about animals. In large metropolises, such as the Thai capital, it is virtually impossible to have a pet if you live in a condominium. Not by chance the success of places like Little Zoo, among children and adults. To have the pleasure of the experience, it is necessary to book a visit in advance by phone, since the amount of people is limited. And there are also periods for pets to rest. For THB 390, you are entitled to a 90-minute visit, a drink (coffees, teas, sodas, flavored milk), a pair of socks to be used on site and souvenirs, from cute plush to pet-themed décor items.


The little zoo café we visited is located in On Nut, people park community mall, much larger and with a wider variety of exotic animals. Try to arrive a few minutes before the scheduled time, to prepare (put on the socks, do the cleaning of the hands and get the plastic gloves), since we do not want to contaminate the pets, do we?

I did the visit with my boyfriend and my best friend. When we arrived, we had a fright when we came across the amount of children, but we were relaxed to see that there were also many adult couples in the group. Right at the entrance, we are greeted by guinea pigs and rabbits. In the first room, a dozen Welsh Corgi dogs make the joy of visitors. Nice, they’re already so used to posing for the cameras. We were so charmed by them that we didn’t even notice the time went by and even forgot that there were still so many other animals to see.

In a smaller room, almost exclusive to him, is the (huge) raccoon. The size of the animal even intimidates some children, who are afraid. The fame of thief of this animal comes from the habit of searching for objects in people’s pockets. In our case, he stole my boyfriend’s keys and my inhaler. You have to be careful not to let him eat any of the objects. But you can relax, as the local staff accompany the visit and are always keeping an eye on the behavior of the most exotic pets.

In the largest room at Little Zoo Café, other breeds of dogs mingle with dozens of other cats. Who is also there loose is Tiger, a nosy bird of pink feathers who loves to walk on the shoulders of visitors. His coloring is well worth it to LGBTs in search of a cool photo for Instagram. Next door, in a more private room, two agitated suricates (partners of the Lion King) and a small monkey, one of the kids’ favorites.

I venture to say that my favorites were the white foxes. So beautiful and full of energy, but they were very calm in our lap when taking pictures or recording videos. But the big star of Little Zoo Café gets loose by the jumps around: a lot of people can call Kiwi a kangaroo (myself, including, before being corrected by one of the employees), but in fact he’s a wallaby, a smaller cousin of the Australian icon. While kangaroos can be up to 2 metres tall and almost 100kg, the wallabies do not reach 1 metre and weigh no more than 20kg. Luckily, we met him about 20 minutes before the end of our visit. If you’re going to hug him, watch out for his chest, he doesn’t like to be touched and he’s going to get very agitated.

Address: People Park Community Mall – On Nut
Book in advanced:  0924481116 / 021214245 

Rounds of service
Round 1 11.00-12.30
Round 2 13.00-14.30
Round 3 15.00-16.30
Round 4 17.00-18.30   

Service charge
Adult 390 baht and for a Child 290 baht (height less than 130 cm.)
 (This price includes 1 drink, souvenirs and 1 pair of socks) 

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