Health: Brazilian Champion offers private Swimming and Pilates lessons in Bangkok


In times when health has never been more debated than now, have you ever stopped to think about how your exercise routine is doing? Most people are too lazy to go to the gym on a daily basis, so why not enjoy the sunny Bangkok weather for almost the entire year and exercise in the pool?

With over 22 years of experience as a swimmer – Brazilian 200m breaststroke champion – Dio Carvalho presents an exercise plan inside and outside the pool, both for those who have never learned to swim, as well as for those who already have some notion of the sport and want to improve some of the styles. “A good part of my students already know freestyle swimming, but they come to me because they dream of learning butterfly swimming or want to learn the techniques of breaststroke and backstroke”, explains Dio.


Private lessons can be held in the student’s condominium pool or in the coach’s own condominium pool, in the Asoke region. Training is also supported with the use of a board and fins. Each private session lasts from 1h to 1h15, with 15 minutes of stretching exercises that will be beneficial in and out of the pool. “Most people never stretch or warm up their muscles before exercising, which is a big mistake. Stretching is necessary both before and after training,” says Dio.

In addition to training in the pool, Dio also offers private lessons in solo pilates (using the student’s own weight, with an emphasis on abs) and workout in the gym, which strengthen the muscles for training in the pool, in addition to burning fat and increasing of resistance.

Private sessions at the pool cost THB 1500, but when you buy the 10-session package, you pay THB 13,500 (one free lesson). Personal trainer and/or Pilates solo training costs THB 1200.

For more info or book your class please contact:
Coach Dio Carvalho
+66 0620252823, Line ID: diogo_carvalho


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