We need your help if you could ka! #SaveGSpotEnt #SaveKenKreangsakLeing


We need your help if you could ka!

As you know all my life, I am always trying to give and help others but this time it’s my turn for your help!! We have been fighting by ourselves in everyway that we could for more than 1 year with not much work and hope to go back to work after the 2nd wave since December last year but now the 3rd wave just hit Thailand and don’t think I will have work anytime soon. So if you could donate some money to us to survive for the time being we would be much appreciated ka.


Mr. Kreangsak Saeleing, KBank Saving No. 0462990405 or Paypal – ken.leing@gmail.com

#SaveGSpotEnt #SaveKenKreangsakLeing

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