Review – “KanaSri Maka” New Dragqueen Youtube host by Kana Warrior & Srimala so get ready to entertain!


“KanaSri Maka” New Dragqueen Youtube channel host by 2 very close friends Kana Warrior (Khanasak Nakrob) Top 3 of Drag Race Thailand SS2 and Srimala (Monmingkwan Muangmeeros) 2nd Runner Up Miss ​ACDC2019​ (also competed in DRTSS2 but lose ka LOL). At first they were producing by themselves review Music videos a month ago and got quite a good views and now they just got a big up-grad by Yellow Channel for those who love Dragqueens in Thailand know this media very well and for sure the look and feel will be much better ka LOL. So from now on it’s they are going serve you guys what’s happening around town, review many things and for sure be ready to be entertain from the beginning until the end Mama Ken-Zula guaranteed!!

Please follow and subscript via Youtube : KanaSri Maka or FB : KanaSri Review


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