BUS – Yellow Channel is a community for Dragqueens LOVERS :)


Yellow Channel is a community for those who love the art of Dragqueens and many more stuffs! They will serve you all the newest update with all the Dragqueens around the WORLD, which date the new season starts, who are all the competitors.


Beside all the news they are also have Drag magazine name DRAGATHORN getting the new faces to show off their artform with soooo many amazing pictures

and if you see Thai Dragqueens on the Vlog, YouTube Channels, Live Programs you can bet most of them run and manage by them too 🙂

So if you are a BIG FAN of Dragqueens you MUST follow and subscripted to all of there social media so you won’t be out of date of all the news ka 😉

www.facebook.com/yellowchannel or Youtube : Yellow Channel Thailand

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