People – Happy Birthday to Mama Ken-Zula debut 4 years ago!


Happy Birthday to Mama Ken-Zula and her debut performed “One night only by Jenifer Kim’s version” on stage 4 years ago at 11PM which was the peak time and of course she changed 3 costumes during the show at Sunday Gay Night at Maggie Choo’s

Thank you Jaja Rjay Angeles for the amazing make up transformation NO One could recognized me that night LOL also all the girls for helping me to change in to the next costume behind the backstage. After that night I’ve realized it’s soooo much shit and lots of work to put together to become a professional Dragqueen and I am give so much respect to all the girls ka.

Thank you all for your kind support and h
opefully we will be back up entertain you guys soon ka.
Love, Mama Ken-Zula


Once in the blue moon Mama Ken-Zula will come out and welcome everyone herself at Special Theme night of Sunday Gay Night at Maggie Choo’s ka 😉 

The last time Mama Ken-Zula came out was October 2020 to celebrate our 6th Year of Sunday Gay Night at Flamenco Bangkok Rooftop Bar & Restaurant, 9th fl, of EmQuarter Department store. She was standing on her 6′ heals for a few hours in the front to welcome all the VIP Guests herself then went back and change the total look to performed Special opening show – I Will Survive/Survivor with Amadiva, Benze Diva and Srimala. 
Make-up by Srimala, Wig by SiraWig, All of the costumes & dresses by Tube Gallery 

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